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Hi. We’re the Foolish Couple. I am Andrew and Minna, Functional Nutrition Specialists and Success Coaches. We created Foco Academy to help people achieve whole life success by applying the Success Principles to the 3 areas of life that money can’t buy, that is, Health, Time, and Relationships.

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Defining your New Normal - 9 Fight Club

Monday Oct 11, 2021

Are you buying things you don't need with money you don't have to impress people you don't like?

Health Metric for Longevity

Monday Oct 04, 2021

The highest death rates every year are related to diabetes, heart problems and kidney problems including 2020 even with the pandemic!  We are sure data will be about the same for 2021. Are you measuring the one metric daily that can prevent these chronic issues and prolong your Longevity?   #theFoolishCouple, #FocoBiohack, #healthylifestyle, #longevityLiving

Defining you New Normal -8 Abundance

Monday Sep 27, 2021

You either have an abundance of what you want, or you have an abundance of what you don't want.

Myths about Cholesterol

Monday Sep 20, 2021

Is Cholesterol bad for you? It's not that simple of just having bad cholesterol vs good cholesterol.     

DYNN 7 - Are you an Average Joe

Monday Sep 13, 2021

Are you an Average Joe? Check out this episode to learn how you can not only be above average, but exceptional in your Health, Finances or relationships!

Brains - Eat this to fight and prevent Alzhiemer's

Monday Sep 06, 2021

What if we have been lied to for the last 40 years and what we have been eating actually promotes Dementia and Alzheimer's?

Massage For Recover with Shanna Lee Moore

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

When was the last time you got a real massage? Active recovery is just as important as exercise to stay healthy and fit. Check out this episode with Special Guest Shanna Lee Moore. #the FoolishCouple, #Active Recovery

DYNN 6 - What if your Body was the Game of Thrones

Monday Aug 30, 2021

What if your body is like the Games of Thrones, and you need to protect your castle. What defenses do you have inside your castle? Like the Games of Thrones, if your body has a strong and smart Defense system, you may be the Last one Standing!

DYNN 5 - What‘s your Inflation Rate?

Monday Aug 23, 2021

You can see for yourself when you drive around town and you see vacant storefronts, empty offices and warehouses for lease. Read more

Relationship Olympics

Monday Aug 16, 2021

As a couple, what was the one thing that you enjoyed most in the last 16 months during the Pandemic? I hope your answer is not Netflixing... Learn the one thing that all couples should be doing to stay young, live longer, boost your immune system and be smarter!



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